KHO Consulting has provided advisory services to public and private clients in the Denver Metropolitan Region and throughout North America.  If you have any questions regarding any of the projects you see below or would like to learn more about how KHO can help your business or organization, please contact us at

Project:        Denver International Airport (DIA) Capital Improvement Plan                      (CIP) Advising
(Task Manager)
      Parsons Brinkerhoff Americas (PBA)

     Denver, CO


KHO, acting as task manager, is providing project management and analytical services for PBA's CIP Advising at DIA.  Specifically, KHO manages a team of PBA professionals to provide DIA's Finance Department with technical, financial and strategic guidance related to more than $300 million of proposed CIP projects.  KHO prepares the business case and cost-benefit analyses for DIA to help their Deputy Managers make well-informed decisions for major capital investments ranging from terminal expansion and major maintenance to restroom redevelopment.  KHO also assists DIA in negotiations with local utilities regarding capacity expansion.

Project:    Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Plan
:        Consultant
Client:      City and County of Denver
: Denver, CO

The City and County of Denver (“CCD”) engaged KHO to analyze the existing Cherry Creek North (“CCN”) zoning to determine if the zoning acted as an impediment to redevelopment in CCN.  Longtime CCN residents were concerned KHO performed a comprehensive development feasibility analysis based on pro forma modeling and current market revenue and cost assumptions for residential, office and retail uses.  KHO also evaluated CCD’s more current form-based zone districts for feasibility taking into account typical lot sizes in the CCN neighborhood.  KHO presented these complex real estate finance and development concepts to a number of public stakeholder groups to facilitate an objective dialogue about balancing building height and mass, pedestrian orientation, parking requirements and economic realities.  The study helped to dispel misconceptions regarding the motives behind the Neighborhood Plan and moved the Plan forward to eventual adoption by City Council.


Project:        Federal-Decatur Station Area Plan and General Development Plan
:          Design Workshop, Inc.

:            Subconsultant for City and County of Denver (“CCD”) and the                      Denver Housing Authority (“DHA”)

:     Denver, CO

KHO acted as an economic development advisor and development feasibility consultant to CCD and DHA for the Station Area Plan surrounding the first light rail station outside of Downtown Denver on RTD’s West Line.  The area was dominated by industrial uses, a large low-income housing project and parking lots surrounding Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  The consultant team was challenged with developing a land use strategy that would re-invigorate the area and generate jobs for the populations surrounding the study area. KHO was an integral part of the team utilizing demographic and market data to focus on implementation strategies and identifying catalytic projects to spur development in the area. 

Project:         New Market Tax Credit (NMTC)- Solar Closing

           Main Street Power, Inc. (MSP)

     2.8 MW of solar PV systems on 35 sites in Colorado


Utilizing its knowledge and experience closing complex public/private deals, KHO assisted MSP in closing one of the first NMTC-solar deals in the country.  The $20 million deal involved three banks, two NMTC allocatees, five government-related hosts and 35 sites.  KHO integrated into the MSP team to participate in and coordinate document review, negotiations, database management, operations management and financial structuring in order to bring the deal across the goal line. 

Project:  Northeast Downtown Neighborhoods Plan—Stock
               Show/Coliseum Station Plan (Ongoing)


   AECOM/City an
d County of Denver
Denver, CO


As a sub-consultant to AECOM, KHO is advising the City and County of Denver related to two planned Transportation-Oriented Development (TOD) opportunities in the area northeast of Downtown Denver. The areas have traditionally been characterized by blight and are looking for new rail transit options as a revitalization opportunity.  KHO is facilitating public meetings, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of their land use plan alternatives and liaising with local landowners, the City and the development   community to identify catalytic development projects and public/private partnership opportunities surrounding the Arapahoe Square and Coliseum/Stock Show transit stations.

Project:       Breckenridge, CO Redevelopment Analysis

Role:           Sub-Consultant

Client:         Urban Investment Group/Confidential

Location:    Breckenridge, CO


As a sub-consultant to Urban Investment Group (UIG) of Boulder, CO, KHO provided a private landowner financial and development analysis of three different redevelopment scenarios for his property in Breckenridge, CO.  KHO gathered and analyzed market data and advised UIG on the structure, assumptions embedded in the analysis to be easily understandable and dynamic for the owner.  KHO also provided the evaluative criteria for the owner to make a go/no-go decision on pursuing an aggressive redevelopment strategy for a large infill property in Breckenridge, CO.  


Project:      Boulder Transit Village Development Advisor

Role:          Sub-Consultant

Client:        EDAW/City of Boulder & Regional Transportation District (RTD)

Location:   Boulder, CO


As a sub-consultant to EDAW (now AECOM), KHO advised RTD and the City of Boulder, CO on development opportunities at the Boulder Transit Village, an 11-acre site jointly owned by RTD and the City of Boulder.  The site was constrained by a Historic Train Depot and RTD’s facility and parking requirements for a new regional bus-rapid transit facility and an associated park-n-ride.  The City of Boulder was seeking feasible and cost-effective plans for dense residential development with a minimum requirement of 50% qualifying as affordable housing on the publicly-owned site.  KHO advised its client on how to balance private sector needs for market feasibility with numerous site constraints.  KHO facilitated stakeholder meetings and provided technical support to the AECOM planning team advising them on cost implications, development configuration, development yields and potential implementation plans associated with various development scenarios. 

Project:      Redevelopment, Gates Rubber Factory

Role:           Owner’s Representative/Asset Manager

Client:        Cherokee Denver, LLC

Location:    Denver, CO

As an employee of Cherokee Investment Partners (Cherokee), Kenneth was assigned as asset manager for the redevelopment of a 50-acre former manufacturing plant located at the intersection of the Interstate and two existing light rail lines in the heart of Denver, CO.  The property was entitled for more than 7 million square feet of mixed use, transit-oriented development.  Kenneth managed the consulting team, acted as liaison to the City, RTD, public and private stakeholders regarding entitlement issues, environmental remediation, property management issues and securing City Council approval for $126 million public finance package.  Kenneth also secured more than $27 million in private financing and managed all financial projections and reporting for investors and potential joint venture partners.  This included incorporating market studies, development plans and public finance projections into an overall discounted cash flow model as part a potential disposition to one or more vertical development partners.



Project:    Redevelopment, Children’s Hospital

Role:       Investor/Owner’s Representative

Client:       Park Avenue Uptown, LLC

Location:  Denver, CO


As a principal investor and a partner to Cherokee, Kenneth sourced, underwrote and capitalized the project.  Kenneth created the investment thesis and business plan for the development to convince the majority equity partner to invest $13 million in the project. Kenneth played an integral role in communicating with public and private stakeholders as well as the ultimate sale of the property in 1Q 2009, in what was one of the most challenging transactional environments in the past several decades. 

Project:  Portland Harbor Redevelopment Initiative

Role:       Consultant

Client:    National Brownfields Association/Portland Development Commission

Location:  Portland, OR


As a consultant to the National Brownfields Association and the Portland Development Commission (PDC), KHO participated in a Site Technical Assistance for Municipal Projects (STAMP) assessment of development sites within Portland’s Industrial Sanctuary.  The PDC was seeking public/private development strategies to enable development of environmentally contaminated sites within their urban growth boundary.  KHO provided guidance as to private sector risk tolerance, underwriting methodology and case studies on successful brownfield development strategies across the country.