Kenneth believes strongly in giving back and being an active member of the community.  Links below connect you to some of the causes to which Kenneth has dedicated his time, money and energy.

Denver Planning Board -
The Planning Board advises the Mayor and City Council on the Denver Comprehensive Plan, supplements to the Comprehensive Plan, and various components of land regulation including zoning and view planes.  Kenneth has been a member of the Denver Planning Board since June 2009.  Kenneth also served as a member and Chair Pro Tem of the Arapahoe County Planning Commission from 2004-2006.

ULI keeps the community up-to-date on the most current trends, issues and opportunities facing the nation's development community.  The Colorado District is extremely active.  Kenneth is a part of ULI colorado's Executive Committee and has participated in ULI's Partnership Forum.

Kenneth uses his experience as a frequent participant in multi-sport events to be Step Up for Cancer's Race Director. Step Up is an event that brings many of the Denver Metro Area's non-profit cancer organizations, under one venue to increase awareness and raise money in the fight against cancer.  Event participants climb 1,765 steps at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  The event attracted nearly 1,000 participants and raised more than $100,000 for 40 non-profit cancer-related organizations in its second year. 

The Courage Classic is a three day, 157-mile bike tour that takes you over mountain passes to raise money for the Denver Children's Hospital Foundations.  In the past two years, Kenneth has raised thousands of dollars for the Children's Hospital and enjoyed the physical challenge of training for and riding in the event.  click here to read my "ride reports".

Kenneth and his wife are Network Partners for Colorado Public Radio.  CPR is just about the only thing they have on the radio since their children are not old enough to request anything different at this point.  CPR provides the depth in local, national and international news that is lacking in today's 30-second soundbite news cycle and I find myself discussing thought provoking stories with my family and colleagues on a regular basis.

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