KHO uses a disciplined, systematic approach to identify risks and focus on feasibility and implementation.  Kenneth has been a developer for his own account and an investment underwriter for a private equity fund with more than $1 billion under management.  With that background, he approaches advisory and asset management engagements from a principal investor’s perspective. 


As a consultant, he approaches deals as if his own money was invested—as a developer, it’s in his nature.  Whether he is an owner or a consultant, Kenneth understands what it takes to get projects delivered while meeting the needs of the owner as well as financial and community stakeholders.  Kenneth applies his extensive knowledge of underwriting, financial modeling, public and private financing mechanisms and development to determine the feasibility of a specific project or business plan and suggest the optimal strategy for implementation.  


Kenneth augments his financial background with a sound grounding in urban planning and design.  Through his education and experiences around the country, Kenneth knows the importance of balancing community desires, aesthetics, environmental sustainability and financial returns.